By using our KeePy-I Local Communication Platform, you will:


Encourage Communication, Collaboration & Innovation between distincts Institutions & Partners: by establishing a balanced & effective dialog between distincts entities & peers communities


Communicate safely & effectively at all times: internally & externally




Improve Information Management within Administrations & Institutions.




Gain access, increase visibility & Transparency in your organisation

Our Integrated Communication Suite offers a variety of tools which all serve one primary purpose: facilitate Information Sharing & Information Management within your organisation to valorise your data and turn into an actionnable insight, helping you to improve any working/ administration environments.



Be compliant with with local Ethics, Risk & Transparency Regulations.


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Why use KeePy-I?

We deliver high-security communication channels providing:

  1. End-to-end confidentiality between all parties involved in the communications process.
  2. We do not access your proprietary information so your company information and employee’s information is secure at all times.
  3. Your employees and internal investigators are able to act safeguarded by Full and/or Pseudo Anonymity aligned to local/regional/international data privacy legislation.
  4. The contents of your communications remain safe at all times: unlike other providers, our experts never access your data.

Ÿ Can you afford this service if you are a small or medium-sized enterprise or a local institution?

Yes, absolutely. Our integrated solutions are highly scalable and are designed to help all kind of companies, regardless of organisational size. Similarly, our pricing model can be scaled to match the needs of smaller organisational structures. Regardless of the nature of your company or institution, our solutions will be tailored to provide you the absolute safety and security we promise.

Ÿ What makes KeePy-I the safest, most reliable solution for the preservation of full anonymity and confidentiality, compared to other providers in the marketplace?

We use the most advanced and modern technologies to preserve the confidentiality of all means of communications and guarantee privacy thanks to a full encrypted system. Also, the data storage is performed in a decentralized database, and the blockchain.

Ÿ How do we protect the employee from retaliation and minimise the risks they face for speaking-up?

Fraud and internal misconduct are significant dangers to your business and to your reputation. Yet the OCDE confirmed in a 2015 report that the fear of retaliation is one of the key reasons employees are scared to report what they witness. KeePy-I solutions resolves this by providing total anonymity to employees and management; we don’t access your employee database in order to deploy the communication channels across your company; we don’t access the content; we don’t communicate anyone’s identity at any point in the process. Our solution allows a full record to be maintained of the interactions and provides proof that ongoing communication between all parties is taking place. Giving your people that level of protection gives them the confidence to help safeguard your organisation

ŸŸ Why does KeePy-I not require access to any of your proprietary information?

While all other providers in the industry require access to the content of your communications, we simply ensure that the traceability of communications between the involved parties can be proven demonstrably. This ensure that all parties involved are protected. Want to know more? Please contact us.

ŸŸ What languages does KeePy-I support via our European local Contact Centre? Can KeePy-I speak to you directly in your native language?

Our contact centre system uses speech recognition technology to quickly and efficiently redirect your call to a regional agent fluent in your native language.

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